Mwongyera Secondary School

Mwongyera Secondary School

Mwongyera Secondary School is a 30 minutes drive from nearest highway; 1.5 hr from nearest city and is located on rim of volcanic crater-lake, surrounded by rich volcanic soils

The I4H system was installed January, 2019 and will have an impact on 300 students. Education is the focus. for this Church of Uganda sponsored School over fancy facilities.

(Left to Right) Headmaster, 2 students (in orange & blue T-shirts), Accounting (and now Computer) Teacher (behind student), and Robert Tabula, I4H Uganda Country Coordinator. In the doorway to the right, the school maintenance/construction/janitor/guard.

Franco, the Computer Teacher, is so enthusiastic that he is now one of Tabula’s I4H Western Uganda computer-support assistants. This photo captures his humility; he does not choose to put himself in the front of the show; choosing rather to support from behind.

The students (especially Thomas on the right) arrived well before us each day of installation/training, even though this was in the middle of their 2 month school vacation.