Kisiita Area Co-Operative Enterprise (ACE)

Area Co-Operative Enterprise

ACE is located 1.5 hrs drive from nearest highway; 2.5 hr from nearest city. The I4H system was installed September, 2018 and will benefit 7.250 members.

An ACE is a rural farmers Co-op. This one is the most remote I4H-Uganda client thus far.

Kisiita ACE specializes in corn/maize, dairy, poultry, and fish

Pictured: Kisiita ACE executive and field workers, with I4H Tabula Robert at left, and Robert Porter 2rd from right

Although the photo (taken Nov ’18) shows a verdant corn/maize field behind the people on the fish-pond bank, Climate change is wrecking havoc in Uganda. The rains failed prematurely & the crop withered. When we visited again Jan ’19, the crop had yielded very poorly.

This ACE is diversifying. Using internet-research, they are using natural springs to build fish-raising ponds.